“End of the Certainties”, for pronomos flute and pre-recorded electronics

On June 22, 2015, my piece “End of the Certainties“, for pronomos flute and pre-recorded electronics, was premiered by Julián Elvira in The Graduate Center, CUNY (New York). The event, called “Pronomos in NY“, included also interactive visual art in all the pieces developed by Marta Verde in order to generate an unpredictable spectacle enhancing all the features of this new intrument.

I was honoured to be in the same programme as Alberto Posadas, Julián Ávila, Eduardo Costa, Javier Arias, Alexandr Gardner and Inés Thiebaut.

Here you can listen the three parts of “End of the Certainties“, and also in the “Music” tab of this webpage. Enjoy them!

Part 1: ” Bodies in Dissolution”


Part 2: “Irreversible Scintillation”


Part 3: “Multidimensional Sphere”



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