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Time Asymmetry of Entropy: excerpts and way-forward

In the following link you can find some excerpts of my last piece, “Time Asymmetry of Entropy”, for string quartet, which has been created by implementing the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics through custom-made processes developed by me.


Very interesting feedback and ideas obtained after working with Hèctor Parra and Maurice Quartet at Mixtur Festival will be applied in a refined and improved version of this work. Stay tuned for further news!!


Composing starting from physics concepts

One of the pieces I am working on right now is a string quartet based on a universal physics law: the continuous increase of entropy within isolated systems (2nd Law of Thermodynamics).

This piece is being the seed of an initial software prototype that allows me modelling different musical parameters (pitches, dynamics, timbres, rhythms, etc.) according to the particular needs of the piece.

The figure below depicts the pitches distribution along time:


This compositiong will be rehearsed in the near future, so checking if the music results meets the foreseen behaviour will be highly interesting for me in order to modify the software in a proper way.

Stay tuned for further information!

Componiendo a partir de leyes físicas

Una de las obras en las que estoy trabajando en este momento es un cuarteto de cuerda basado en una ley física universal: el aumento continuo de entropía en sistemas aislados, también conocido como “2ª Ley de la Termodinámica”.

Esta pieza está siendo el germen de un prototipo inicial de herramienta software que me permita modelar diferentes parámetros musicales (alturas, matices, timbres, ritmos, etc.) de acuerdo con las necesidades particulares de la pieza.

Como muestra, la imagen de la distribución de alturas en función del tiempo.


En breve se ensayará la pieza, así que será muy interesante comprobar si el resultado cumple lo previsto o no, y modificar el software convenientemente.